About Me

I am an early career researcher in History, based at the University of Melbourne, Australia. My doctoral thesis, completed in June 2022, examined the experiences of British expatriates who lived in the Maghreb between 1660 and 1714, and their influences on diplomatic, economic, military, and cultural relations between Britain and the Maghreb.

I have published on the image of the Maghreb in British periodical news and social life among Britons in Ottoman Tunis and Tripoli, and am currently working on new projects relating to the cultural role of Morocco leather in British society, intersections between British-Maghrebi diplomacy, theatre and advertising, and the idea of ‘exile’ in expatriate life.

I also teach medieval, early modern and economic history, and work on several different Australian Research Council-funded projects. I enjoy parks, cycling, playing guitar, yoghurt, and books.

If you are interested in my work, have a look at my recent publications and talks, or get in contact with me via Twitter @NatCutter or via email at nat [at] cutters [dot] org.

Program and speakers are now updated for the “Mapping Culture and History” workshop, co-hosted with the Time-Layered Cultural Map of Australia in November. Registrations and more info. here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/mapping-culture-and-history-workshop-tickets-428326354657
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Come and see me in the hotseat over my draft paper, ‘Zealous, Ingullible, Haughty, Infamous: Anglophone Freewomen in the Ottoman Maghreb, 1670-1720’. Online and live @unimelb, dialoguing with Bernadetta Andrea (UC Santa Barbara) and Deirdre Coleman (Melb): https://events.unimelb.edu.au/arts/event/17779-1

A great blog post from one of our student interns, Ting Ki Chang, on the Australian and New Zealand Art Sales Digest: https://www.acd-engine.org/blog/australian-and-new-zealand-art-sales-digest-an-auction-database #digitalhumanities #culturaldata

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