Employment, Publications and Talks

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Twitter: @NatCutter.
Email: nat [at] cutters [dot] org.

Employment History

2019-present: Sessional Tutor and Guest Lecturer, Medieval, Early Modern and Economic History, University of Melbourne

2019: Research Assistant/Intern, Digital Studio, Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne, Digital Studio Graduate Internship Project Bunjil’s Biik: Mapping the Ancestral Country of the Boonwurrung

2018-19: Research Assistant/Project Manager, School of Culture and Communication, Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne, ARC Linkage Project Creative Convergence: Enhancing Impact in Regional Theatre for Young People

2017-18: Research Assistant/Project Officer, Digital Studio, Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne


‘Peace with Pirates? Maghrebi Maritime Combat, Diplomacy, and Trade in English Periodical News, 1622-1714’, Humanities 8, 4 (2019), article no. 179, special issue ‘Pirates in English Literature’ edited by Claire Jowitt and Manushag Powell. Available at: http://go.unimelb.edu.au/j85r

‘Turks, Moors, Deys and Kingdoms: North African Diversity in English News before 1700’, Melbourne Historical Journal 46 (2018): 61-84. Winner, Greg Dening Memorial Prize (2018) and SHAPS Fellows Group Annual History Essay Prize (2019). Available at: http://go.unimelb.edu.au/x85r

Review of Patricia Akhimie, Shakespeare and the Cultivation of Difference: Race and Conduct in the Early Modern World (New York and Abingdon: Routledge, 2018), Parergon 36, 1 (2019): 179-80. Available at: http://go.unimelb.edu.au/r85r

Forthcoming Publications

‘“Grieved in my soul that I suffered you to depart from me”: Isolation and Community in the English Houses at Tunis and Tripoli, 1679-1686’, forthcoming for Heather Dalton, ed., Keeping Family in an Age of Long Distance Trade, Imperial Expansion and Exile 1550-1850 (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2020)

Review of Jorun Poettering, Migrating Merchants: Trade, Nation, and Religion in Seventeenth-Century Hamburg and Portugal (Berlin and Boston: De Gruyter, 2019), Parergon, 37, 2 (2020)

Review of Gary K. Waite, Jews and Muslims in Seventeenth-Century Discourse: From Religious Enemies to Allies and Friends (New York and Abingdon: Routledge, 2019), Parergon 37, 1 (2020)

‘Between Captives and Consuls: Searching for the “Little English” of Barbary’  (Greg Dening Memorial Lecture), Melbourne Historical Journal 47, 1 (2019)

Digital Projects

Boonwurrung Songlines: Mapping the Ancestral Country of the Boonwurrung (2019), Bunjil’s Biik/University of Melbourne (research, data management, online map production), http://go.unimelb.edu.au/wk8r 

Circuit: Mapping Theatre Performance in Victoria (2018), ARC/University of Melbourne, https://circuit.unimelb.edu.au (data collection and entry, contribution to creative development and project management)

‘The Overland Letter’ (2017), University of Melbourne Archives, http://blogs.unimelb.edu.au/archives/the-overland-letter/ (sole author)

The Victorian Trades Hall: An Archival History (2015), University of Melbourne Omeka exhibition, http://go.unimelb.edu.au/8m6r (lead writer and exhibition curator)


For ‘Turks, Moors, Deys, and Kingdoms: North African Diversity in English News before 1700’:
2019 SHAPS Fellows’ Group Annual History Essay Prize, University of Melbourne
2018 Greg Dening Memorial Prize, University of Melbourne

Conferences and Talks

‘“For Which I Refer You To The Bearer”: News, Connection and Trade in Seventeenth-Century Tunis and the Mediterranean’, Old and New Uses of the Oceans, 8th IMHA International Congress of Maritime History, University of Porto, 29 June-2 July 2021 [rescheduled from 30 June-3 July 2020 due to COVID-19]

‘Exile in Barbary: Making Sense of Protestant Life in the Seventeenth-Century Maghreb’, Society for Renaissance Studies Biennial Conference, University of East Anglia, Norwich, 29 June-1 July 2021 [rescheduled from 7-9 July 2020 due to COVID-19]

‘The Freshest Advices from Barbary: Maghrebi News and Experiences in British Expatriate Letters, 1660-1705’, Britain and the World Conference, University of Plymouth, June 2021 [rescheduled from 17-19 June 2020 due to COVID-19]

‘Christian Charity or Captive Market? The Commerce of Barbary Redemptions, 1677-1700’, Dark Enlightenments, XVII David Nichol Smith Seminar in Eighteenth-Century Studies, 1-4 December 2020 (scheduled)

‘Gardens, Drunkards, Parties and Plague: British Expatriates and the Good Life in Barbary, c.1680-1700’, CMRS Annual Symposium, Monash University, 2 October 2020 (scheduled) [rescheduled from 24 April 2020 due to COVID-19]

‘Pirates or Corsairs? How English Periodicals Framed News of the Maghreb, 1622-1714’, invited talk at SHAPS Fellows Group, University of Melbourne, late 2020 [postponed from 25 March 2020 due to COVID-19]

‘The West and the West: Britain, Morocco and Political Equivalence, c. 1600-1690’, Western Civilisation in the Twenty-First Century, University of Adelaide, 20-21 February 2020

‘Between Captives and Consuls: Searching for the “Little English” of Barbary’, invited talk as part of Listening Across Boundaries: Greg Dening and the Art of History-ing, theAnnual Greg Dening Memorial Lecture, with Fallon Mody and Henry Reese, University of Melbourne, 15 October 2019

‘Peace with Pirates: Maghrebi Warfare and Diplomacy in English Periodical News, 1622-1714’
– The Problem of Piracy: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Plunder by Sea across the World from the Ancient to the Modern, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, 24-26 June 2019
– Medievalism Transformed: Crime and Punishment from the Medieval to the Early Modern and the Neo-Gothic, Bangor University, 21 June 2019
– Medieval & Early Modern Studies Festival, University of Kent, Canterbury, 14-15 June 2019

‘“Grieved in my soul that I suffered you to depart from me”: Community and Isolation in the English Houses at Tunis and Tripoli, 1679-86’, Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Seminar Series, Monash University, Melbourne, 3 May 2019

‘Turks, Moors, Deys and Kingdoms: North African Diversity in the Stuart Periodical Press’, Boundaries, Categories, Horizons: ANZAMEMS Twelfth Biennial Conference, University of Sydney, 6-8 February 2019

‘Monopolising Morocco: Monopolies and Anti-Monopolists in Early Modern England’, Anti-Monopoly Workshop, University of Melbourne, 24 August 2018